The New Health Care: Spend a Dollar on Drug Treatment, and Save More on Crime Reduction

Research shows treatment for substance abuse disorders is a great value for society, but many programs have long waiting lists.

yesterday, 11:30
No Longer a Dream: Silicon Valley Takes On the Flying Car

This isn’t science fiction. A number of start-ups as well as big aerospace firms are trying to build personal aircraft you could fly around town.

yesterday, 14:05
Video Games Help Model Brain’s Neurons

A video game is being used to help understand the structure of neurons, which could aid in treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

yesterday, 19:13
People Are Seeing U.F.O.s Everywhere, and This Book Proves It

An unlikely new reference guide breaks down U.F.O. sightings county by county, shape by shape, month by month.

yesterday, 18:35
Peggy Whitson Talks NASA With Trump Peggy Whitson Talks NASA With Trump

President Trump congratulated the astronaut Peggy Whitson, who early on Monday surpassed the 534-day record for most time in space by an American.

yesterday, 19:02
Q&A: A Dry Side Effect

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is a frequent side effect of many commonly prescribed drugs.

yesterday, 18:33
Trump Calls @AstroPeggy at the International Space Station

Ivanka Trump joined the call, in which the president congratulated Peggy Whitson for setting a new U.S. space record.

yesterday, 18:21
Basics: As Rains Ease in the West, Cacti Shine Brighter Than Ever

Never has there been a better time to appreciate the gritty, bizarre charm of these prickly natives.

yesterday, 21:54
Watching Their Dust: Photographing Players in Pollination

In “Pollination Power,” Heather Angel, a wildlife photographer, exposes the pollination process in macrophotography, showing the clear transfer of pollen onto creatures.

yesterday, 22:26