Tom Brady Trolls Oakland Raiders with 'Tuck Rule Game' Photo

Oakland Raiders fans likely still hold a grudge against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots after the "Tuck Rule Game" back in 2002. After Raiders cornerback appeared to strip-sack Brady in the waning moments of the game, the referees overturned the fumble, ruling it an incomplete pass.With the Patriots and Raiders set to lock horns on Sunday, the star quarterback couldn't help but...

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Oregon Ducks Unveil Mach Speed Jerseys for Game vs. Washington State

The Oregon Ducks continue to unveil terrific-looking jerseys before their games, and they certainly didn't disappoint Saturday.Before their game against Washington State, the Ducks unveiled these black Nike Mach Speed jerseys on their Twitter account. The black uniforms feature yellow and silver accents along with a yellow helmet.[]Read more news on

yesterday, 23:39
Jameis Winston Sent Back to Locker Room by Jimbo Fisher After Dressing in Pads

Despite being against the Clemson Tigers, according to , Heisman winner Jameis Winston still came out onto the field dressed in full pads.Head coach Jimbo Fisher was clearly not happy with that decision and appeared to express that to him. Winston was then seen heading back into the locker room to supposedly change.[, h/t ]Read more news on

today, 3:08
Oklahoma Sooners Run Reverse Pass to Trevor Knight for Touchdown vs. WVU

The Oklahoma Sooners had an early deficit on Saturday night against the West Virginia Mountaineers, but this trick play helped them tie things up again. In the second quarter, the Sooners ran a reverse pass that went straight to a wide-open Trevor Knight for the four-yard touchdown, giving the quarterback his first career reception. That score helped the Sooners tie the game at 10-10. Read...

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LeBron James' Custom BMW 760Li for Sale in Ohio

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar probably has a handful of exotic cars, and now someone can own one of his old ones. This custom white 2010 BMW 760Li with 22-inch white rims is on the market, according to Yahoo's . The car is for sale at Marshall Goldman Motor Sales in Warrensville, Ohio, and is priced at $89,000. Here's another angle of LeBron's old car. []Read more news on

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Rob Bironas, Former Titans Kicker, Passes Away at Age 36

Former Tennessee Titans kicker passed away late Saturday evening after being involved in a one-car crash while appearing to head back to his home in Nashville. He was 36. Metro Police confirmed Bironas' death to early Sunday morning, noting that officials responded to reports of an accident around 11 p.m in the 800 block of Battery Lane. According to the police report, Bironas was near his...

today, 14:36
Texas A&M Mascot Saved from Getting Hit by Player Thanks to Great Block

The Texas A&M Aggies had a comfortable 38-3 lead at halftime over the SMU Mustangs. However, they were almost unable to protect their mascot/highest-ranking cadet, Reveille VIII, on the sideline.After Aggies defender Nick Harvey pushed SMU's Der’rikk Thompson near the corner of the end zone, the receiver began losing control straight toward the dog. Fortunately, one of the cadets was able...

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Paris Falls Out of Love With the Padlocks on Its Bridges

Thick glass, with nothing to hitch a lock to, has begun replacing the panels where thousands have symbolized everlasting devotion by fastening hardware.

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Nickelodeon Star Miranda Cosgrove ... Fan: I'm Going to Kill Myself 'Cause You Don't Love Me Nickelodeon Star Miranda Cosgrove ... Fan: I'm Going to Kill Myself 'Cause You Don't Love Me

Nickelodeon star MIranda Cosgrove got a spectacularly horrifying set of pics from a fan ... who threatened to kill himself with a hairdryer in a bathtub because his love for her was not returned.Joshua Stockton also sent Miranda pics of a slit wrist,…

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Climate Change March Begins in New York City

The demonstration, which began around 11:30 a.m., attracted much of the city’s political establishment, along with scientists, actors and thousands from across the country.

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