Can a Nail Polish Protect Against Date Rape Drugs? Can a Nail Polish Protect Against Date Rape Drugs?

Students at North Carolina State University are developing a nail polish that can detect so-called date rape drugs by changing colors when it comes into contact with them.

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Little Triathlete Pushes, Pulls Brother Through Race Little Triathlete Pushes, Pulls Brother Through Race

Eight-year-old Noah and 6-year-old Lucas recently competed in their second triathlon, with Noah helping Lucas the whole way.

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Roger Federer Hits a Between-the-Legs Shot, Michael Jordan Loves It

took on Marinko Matosevic in the first round of the 2014 U.S. Open and Michael Jordan was in attendance to see how their new collaborative shoes from Nike perform on the court. In the second set, Federer caught Matosevic completely off guard with a ridiculous, between-the-legs shot that hit his unsuspecting opponent in the back. MJ was thoroughly impressed.Federer went on to win in straight...

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Real Madrid's Sale of Angel Di Maria Is a Shrewd Financial Decision

’s sale of Angel Di Maria for a whopping €75 million represents a fantastic piece of business for the European champions, even if it is questionable from a footballing standpoint. While Los Blancos are constantly characterized—not unfairly—as a club that loves to splash large amounts of money to sign the world's best and most marketable players, the Di Maria windfall proves for a second...

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Nick Young's Iggy Azalea Thirst Remains Unquenchable

It’s difficult to overstate the thirst Swaggy P experiences for his girlfriend on a daily basis. Shipwrecked sailors floating on barrels of jerky are better hydrated than is in the presence of Iggy Azalea. The shooting guard posted a picture to Instagram on Sunday night after the VMAs. The image showed Young slavering away as the Australian pop singer sat in his lap. It was deleted shortly...

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Jennifer Hudson Talks Lesbian Rumors And Gay Fans Ahead Of 'JHUD' Release Jennifer Hudson Talks Lesbian Rumors And Gay Fans Ahead Of 'JHUD' Release

When it comes to on her sexuality, Jennifer Hudson doesn't care what people or the media thinks. The singer-actress, 32, tells that she faced that type of scrutiny after she appeared on the alongside Macklemore and Mary Lambert during a performance of the hit marriage equality anthem, "." "People were like, 'Is Jennifer trying to tell us something?' Hey, I wasn't, but if you...

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Miley's VMAs Date Has Record, Warrant Out for Arrest Miley's VMAs Date Has Record, Warrant Out for Arrest

On Sunday night at the MTV VMAs, Jesse Helt gave a very poignant speech, accepting the award for Best Video on behalf of Miley Cyrus. Helt spoke about youth homelessness in this county and had Cyrus, 21, in tears hearing his touching words of raising awareness.

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ESPN Reports on Michael Sam's Showering Habits at Rams Training Camp

All reports out of St. Louis seem to show Rams defensive end Michael Sam has been a good fit in the locker room so far while he tries to become the first active gay player in history. Now that final roster cuts are quickly approaching, Sam will be under even more intense scrutiny moving forward.On Tuesday, ESPN's Josina Anderson gave a report from Rams training camp. One of the subject matters:...

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8TB hard drives have arrived 8TB hard drives have arrived

We're sorry to break the bad news, but that 5TB hard drive you bought last week? Yeah, it's already obsolete. Seagate has started shipping the first-ever 8TB desktop hard disk, doubling the 4TB capacities that seemed huge just a couple of years ago....

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J.R. Smith Claims to Be One of the Best Shooters Ever, Says Numbers Don't Lie

When people think of the best shooters in history, J.R. Smith's name probably doesn't come up very often. However, he believes that he is on track to be "one of the best shooters the game had ever seen." Smith took to Instagram to send a message to all of his haters. In case you had a hard time reading it, here's a better look at how Smith captioned the photo: "They said I...

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