Feature: Can the Weeknd Turn Himself Into the Biggest Pop Star in the World?

He had millions of Internet fans for his strange, profane R.&B. Then he decided he wanted more.

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Coco, Ice-T -- Pregnant, FINALLY!!! Coco, Ice-T -- Pregnant, FINALLY!!!

Coco and Ice-T are about to get a heavy dose of reality, because TMZ has learned she's pregnant! They've been jawboning about it for years ... he already has 2 kids and a 20-year-old grandson, but she wanted a kid.  In the end, she got her way,…

yesterday, 6:36
Gilbert Arenas Banned from Basketball Hoops at County Fair for Winning Too Much

hasn't played in the since 2012, but he still has a hot hand.The three-time All-Star dropped so many buckets at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California, that he was banned from all basketball hoops—but not before coming away with more prizes than he or his four kids could hold.He evidently also brought back his signature catchphrase "Hibachi!" per the , while letting the...

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead at 22 Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead at 22

Brown died months after being found unresponsive on Jan. 31 in her Georgia home.

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Firefighters Meet Paralyzed Father of Waitress Who Performed 'Selfless' Act Firefighters Meet Paralyzed Father of Waitress Who Performed 'Selfless' Act

Woodwards' GoFundMe page has collected more than $60,000.

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Report: Person Pooping in Holes at Norwegian Golf Course Still at Large

In late-breaking news from the dark world of golf-course poop capers, a Norwegian golf club continues its fight against a habitual cup-defacer who has used the course's holes as toilets.According to a story published by (h/t ), Stavanger Golf Club in Stavanger, Norway, has been beset by an unknown, pants-dropping menace for the last decade.As the story goes, the club began finding feces in cups...

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Will 'Baahubali's' Prabhas Be The Next Harrison Ford, Or Elijah Wood? Will 'Baahubali's' Prabhas Be The Next Harrison Ford, Or Elijah Wood?

You know you’re on a roll when the prime minister of your country takes a break from the duties of leading 1.2 billion people to brag on Twitter about meeting you.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Messi Is 'Fantastic,' Ronaldo Is 'Good,' and I'm 'Wow'

played a little word-association game with Sports Illustrated during Paris Saint-Germain's tour of America. The Swedish striker was asked for his opinion on , Cristiano Ronaldo and himself. Zlatan was modest, as always. [, h/t ]Read more news on BleacherReport.com

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Bobbi Kristina -- Now It's a Homicide Investigation Bobbi Kristina -- Now It's a Homicide Investigation

The investigation into the circumstances that led to Bobbi Kristina's death Sunday has just been amped up ... TMZ has learned it's now officially a homicide investigation.   Law enforcement sources tell us, both the D.A. and the cops are treating…

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Matthew Dellavedova to Re-Sign with Cavaliers: Latest Contract Details, Reaction

Following a solid 2015 NBA Finals performance in relief of the injured , point guard reportedly agreed Monday to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers "on a one-year deal worth approximately $1.2 million," according to ESPN's . of Sports Illustrated confirmed McMenamin's report that the "Cavs' tax situation made offering [him] the $4 million per season he was seeking unrealistic....

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