Stephen Curry's Daughters Win MVPs for Cuteness

Golden State Warriors star is living the good life right now.Not only is he the reigning NBA MVP and a member of the current NBA champions, but he is also getting the joy of watching his daughter Riley take on the role of big sister.Last month, the Currys their newest addition, Ryan Carson, into the family. Based on this photo, which Steph posted on Instagram on Tuesday, the sisters already...

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Kanye & Will Smith -- Drake Is Sooo Funny (VIDEO) Kanye & Will Smith -- Drake Is Sooo Funny (VIDEO)

Drake didn't only kill Meek Mill onstage at OVO Fest  ... he burned him backstage too -- sharing a HUGE laugh with Kanye West and Will Smith. Rumor is ... the superstars went all LMFAO over a meme Drake used to mock his…

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Youth Camper Breaks Out 'What Are Those?!' Line on Michael Jordan

Not even the great Michael Jordan is immune to getting the viral used against him.At the Michael Jordan Flight School, a young camper was brave enough to stand up and drop the line on the Chicago Bulls legend. Of course, all of the other campers got a big kick out of that.Here was the 52-year-old Jordan's response:It's not clear from the video what sneakers Jordan was wearing. However, he did...

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Indianapolis Coach Chuck Pagano Wears Eric Berry Shirt at Colts Training Camp

Just a few years after the showed a lot of love for him during a tough time, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is offering his support for Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry.Pagano, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012, wore a Berry shirt to Colts training camp on Tuesday. Berry was recently after being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in December and missing the remainder of the...

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12 Tips for Living a Longer Life

You don’t have to eat a dinner cooked by Dan Buettner, the author of “The Blue Zones Solution,” to incorporate his advice into your life: a life that will hopefully be longer after reading this.

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Corey Brewer Reveals He Was Randomly Drug Tested After Career-High 51 Points Corey Brewer Reveals He Was Randomly Drug Tested After Career-High 51 Points

Rather than celebrate a career-high 51 points in an April 2014 game against the Houston Rockets, then-Minnesota Timberwolves guard Corey Brewer found himself being "randomly" drug tested by the after the contest. That seems too coincidental to be true, right? It's always funny to hear about a professional athlete getting "randomly" drug tested after a career game. In the NFL,...

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Robert Lewandowski Hits Powerful Goal for Bayern Munich vs. AC Milan

Can someone check to see if the net's OK? What a hit, ! During Bayern Munich's 3-0 win over in the Audi Cup on Tuesday, the Pole put the finishing touches on the performance with a thunderbolt of a goal. Thomas Mueller chipped the ball over to Lewandowski, who fired it on the volley perfectly. [Twitter] Read more news on

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Melvin Gordon's Mom Will Not Wear His Chargers Jersey Until He Proves Himself

While many Melvin Gordon fans will be wearing No. 28 San Diego Chargers jerseys this coming season, don't expect to see his mother, Carmen Gordon, wearing one in the stands on game days just yet. He has to prove himself in the before she will do so. In a story published Monday, Carmen told that she won't wear his jersey until he earns the honor, just like she did when her son played for the...

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Building the NBA's 1st, 2nd and 3rd All-Endorsement Teams

It's all about those dollar signs. Though players often take to the court for the love of the game, putting in long hours as they hone their crafts and attempt to hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy, money is still part of the equation. And not just due to exorbitant contracts but because so many different companies are willing to shell out big bucks in order to attach a star's name to their...

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LaMarcus Aldridge Presents San Antonio Spurs a Challenge They've Never Had

The have done things the same way for almost two decades, but 's arrival means they may have to do them differently this season. The Spurs of the past few years have been all ball movement, unselfishness and good-to-great shot-hunting sacrifice. When we think of them, we think of plays like this: There's something like a hive mind at work here—some kind of telepathy—developed over thousands...

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