Miley Cyrus' Risque Dress Stood Out, But Her $500,000 Donation To Fight AIDS Stole The Show Miley Cyrus' Risque Dress Stood Out, But Her $500,000 Donation To Fight AIDS Stole The Show

It wasn't just Miley Cyrus' -- the 21-year-old's massive donation toward the fight against AIDS also got people talking. The singer appeared at the amfAR LA Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles to raise funds for AIDS research and bring attention to the virus. Cyrus bought a photograph for at the event's auction and donated an additional $200,000 toward the American Foundation for AIDS Research,...

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Cavaliers Water Boy Caught Filling Powerade Bottle with Gatorade

As the continues to rage unabated across this land of ours, it would appear the Powerade faction sustained a bitter defeat Thursday night. Cameras picked up incidental footage of a crushing Gatorade coup behind the New York bench during the ' home opener against the . A Cavaliers water boy in charge of hydrating the visiting team was caught slipping G-juice into the team's Powerade...

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Klay Thompson, Warriors Agree on New Contract: Latest Details and Reaction

According to the Washington Post's Michael Lee, the were reportedly in the mix for power forward Kevin Love but to include guard in any potential deal. On Friday, the team once again showed its commitment to Thompson by signing him to a contract extension. Marc Stein of ESPN first reported the deal: Yahoo Sports' Marc J. Spears provided the financial details: Spears also reported that the ...

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Kevin Love Gets Blocked by Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol on Consecutive Shots

The Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers are the two early favorites to represent the Eastern Conference in this year's NBA Finals, and both came to play early in their first matchup of the year.In the first quarter of Friday night's game, Cavs forward Kevin Love went up twice near the rim, but he was blocked on consecutive shots by and .[, h/t ]Read more news on

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LeBron James May Never Match the Feats of Michael Jordan, and That's Just Fine

When he was just a teenager, not yet a legend, Michael Jordan stamped his aspirations on a personalized license plate: It read, "Magic Mike." Yes, long before anyone wanted "to be like Mike," Mike wanted to be like Magic Johnson. Indeed, when he arrived at North Carolina, Jordan introduced himself with that moniker, to which a scolding Dean Smith replied, "We already...

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Kobe Bryant Blows by Matt Barnes for Reverse Slam vs. Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers superstar is 36 years old, but that doesn't mean that he can't play like one of the young guys in the every now and then.Early in Friday's game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Bryant blew by Matt Barnes and then proceeded to throw down a nice reverse slam. The Lakers as a team might be in for a long season, but at least it's nice to see Kobe back on the floor.[]Read more ...

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Suns' Eric Bledsoe Gets Terrified by Lifelike Dinosaur

A lot of Halloween pranks feature something popping up unexpectedly to startle the victim, but this takes it a level further.Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe literally ran the other way when a full-size "baby" Tyrannosaurus rex emerged from behind a curtain, roared and chased him.Of course, it wasn't really a dinosaur. It was a performer from the live rendition of the award-winning BBC...

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Kawhi Leonard Contract: Latest Gossip and Buzz on Negotiations with Spurs Kawhi Leonard Contract: Latest Gossip and Buzz on Negotiations with Spurs

Kawhi Leonard was the breakout star from last year's playoffs, winning MVP of the NBA Finals for the . Now, he wants to get paid for his efforts. According to , Leonard is likely going to test the restricted free-agent waters after this season: Contract extension discussions have ended, and San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard plans to explore restricted free agency next summer, his agent,...

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Jason Witten, Joseph Randle Have Altercation at Cowboys Practice

Dallas Cowboys veteran tight end Jason Witten lashed out at second-year running back Joseph Randle at practice Friday, as the fallout from the latter's shoplifting arrest continues. Two days after released booking videos that showed Randle making inappropriate comments and taking shots at Josh Brent and , Witten became fed up. of 105.3 The Fan noted the remarks. "Alright, don't say another...

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Why an Ebola Survivor's Dog's Tail Will Wag Saturday Why an Ebola Survivor's Dog's Tail Will Wag Saturday

Dallas Nurse Nina Pham hasn't seen her dog, Bentley, 21 days.

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