Oliver Sacks Dies at 82; Neurologist and Author Explored the Brain’s Quirks

Dr. Sacks explored some of the brain’s strangest pathways in best-selling case histories like “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” achieving a level of renown rare among scientists.

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An Appraisal: Oliver Sacks, Casting Light on the Interconnectedness of Life

Whether writing about his patients, his love of chemistry or the power of music, Dr. Sacks leapfrogged among disciplines, shedding light on the connections between science and art.

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Russell Westbrook and Nina Earl Wedding: Attendees, Photos, Location and Details

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard gained a new teammate Saturday, and it wasn’t on the basketball court. of People noted Westbrook and Nina Earl—his college sweetheart—officially wed. SB Nation passed along an image of the couple walking down the aisle, while TMZ Sports shared Westbrook and Earl having some fun with their guests: The two former UCLA Bruins met when they were in college...

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Philadelphia Eagles' Dominant Preseason Showcases Talent, Depth

115, opponents 53. How dominant has the Eagles’ preseason been? They’ve scored more than twice as many points as their opponents through three games. During the first half alone—when starters and key backups are most likely to be on the field—the Eagles have been five times better than the competition, leading by an astounding score of 86-17. Yes, preseason football is...

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Swansea City Mascot Is in Awe of Manchester United Captain Wayne Rooney

This mascot's eyes tell you all you need to know about how he felt in the presence of . Before Swansea and kicked off at the Liberty Stadium on Sunday, cameras picked up the admiring eyes of a Swansea City mascot as he stood next to the Manchester United captain. If his eyes don't do the meeting justice, his jaw does. [Twitter]Read more news on BleacherReport.com

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Cristiano Ronaldo Is Buying a £20,000 Wax Figure of Himself for His House

likes the existing wax version of himself so much that he's forking out another £20,000 to have himself replicated in wax form for display in his house. The Portuguese superstar was immortalised in wax for a Madrid-based museum back in 2013, and he took quite a liking to it. He's hired British wax artist Michael Wade to create a replica of it. Wade told the Sun (h/t the 's Callum Davis):...

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Kevin De Bruyne to Manchester City: Latest Transfer Details, Reaction and More

's stint with Wolfsburg has come to an end as reached an agreement with the Wolves on Sunday for the attacking midfielder, who arrives on a six-year deal. Manchester City confirmed the deal via a release on the while also sharing his new squad number: "I want to reach the highest level possible as a player and I think the most important thing is that at the end of the season we can be...

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Rams Cheerleader Gets Surprised by Military Husband Who Returned from Overseas

A cheerleader got an amazing surprise as the team took on the on Saturday night. Candace Valentine's husband, August, who had been overseas with the military, came out of nowhere to surprise his wife, leaving her in tears.After she turned around to see her husband walking toward her, Valentine immediately dropped her pom-poms. The Rams may have lost, but Candace definitely won. [Twitter]Read...

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Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez Give Real Madrid a Glimpse into Post-Ronaldo Future

It was after midnight when Rafa Benitez finally sat down for his post-match press conference, the manager positively glowing despite his work duties carrying over into the early hours of the morning following a 10:30 p.m. kick-off. "I'm delighted with the team's performance," he , relayed by Marca, with a smile on his face and perhaps a sense of vindication in his mind. "I said...

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