Police Dog Rescues Deputy After He's Ambushed By 3 Men Police Dog Rescues Deputy After He's Ambushed By 3 Men

Police K-9 came to the rescue of Mississippi officer who was attacked by 3 men.

yesterday, 23:28
Fighting Pollution From Microbeads Used in Soaps and Creams

On Friday, the California State Assembly passed a bill that could become the strictest ban in the United States on the particles, which can carry pollutants into the food chain.

today, 4:10
Former Cav Says Cleveland Would Build LeBron James Statues If He Wins Title

If brings a championship to Cleveland, fans there would have gone from burning his jerseys to honoring him in every way imaginable. For starters, he'd undoubtedly get a statue built in his honor, and according to former player Austin Carr, the city of Cleveland wouldn't just stop with one. Here's what Carr, a Cavalier from 1971 to 1980, thinks would happen if James won a championship for...

yesterday, 22:46
Stephen Curry's Daughter Riley Steals the Show Yet Again at Postgame Presser

Earlier in the playoffs, Golden State Warriors guard 's daughter Riley created quite a stir by being rambunctious during his postgame press conference. After the Warriors eliminated the Houston Rockets with a 104-90 win in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday, Curry once again brought Riley up to the podium, and she certainly did not disappoint. She started out tired, then sang...

today, 8:04
FIFA 16 Will Feature Women's National Teams for the 1st Time in History of Game

FIFA 16 will be the first version of the acclaimed football video game to feature women's teams, as EA Sports announced Thursday.The latest edition of the game will be released September 22 in North America and features 12 women's international teams, including England and the United States.Four members of the U.S. women's national team helped with motion-capture work: Sydney Leroux, Abby...

today, 15:30
Tracy Morgan -- Walmart Did Right By Me ... Settles Crash Lawsuit Tracy Morgan -- Walmart Did Right By Me ... Settles Crash Lawsuit

Tracy Morgan has reached a settlement with Walmart, and says he's satisfied with how the corporation took care of him financially after the accident that left him severely injured. Tracy's attorney and Walmart's attorneys announced the settlement, but…

yesterday, 23:15
Young Women Say No to Thongs

Among millennial and Generation Y women, full-bottom underwear is considered cool.

today, 0:52
Deadly Heatwave Melting Roads Deadly Heatwave Melting Roads

A devastating heatwave has left more than 1,100 people dead over the past month in India, and photos also show the toll on the country's infrastructure.

yesterday, 22:08
Video Captures Shooting of Second-Grader Video Captures Shooting of Second-Grader

Massachusetts authorities are seeking the public's help in finding the person who shot a 7-year-old as he rode his bike to the store.

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