Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gets Worked Over by Isaiah Thomas in Pickup Basketball Game

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is currently training for his September 12 bout against Andre Berto—a 31-year-old challenger with knockout strength who will do his best to hit Mayweather and fail.This leaves you with some options. You could pay a lot of money to watch the fight, which will be fun if you're a connoisseur of defensive fistiana or a Mayweather fan with a gold hat. Or you could skip the bout...

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Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals Biggest Fear Is to Die Young

has revealed that his biggest fear is to die a young man. The 30-year-old superstar is regarded as one of the greatest football players on the planet, but his global status does not prevent doubts regarding his own mortality. "My biggest fear is to die young. I don't want to die young. I want to die old, when I am 80 or 90," he said, . In the interview with Libero, he also spoke about...

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Marine asks Ronda Rousey to Marine Corps Ball Marine asks Ronda Rousey to Marine Corps Ball

A marine has taken to social media to ask out his dream date for the Marine Corps Ball this year.

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On Photography: Shadows in São Paulo

Obsessed with an image of four men on a rooftop in Brazil, the author went on a quest to find its origins.

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Twitter Discovers Robert Griffin III Is Unbelievably Injury Prone on 'Madden 16'

Madden 16 is freaky realistic—too much so if you’re Washington Redskins quarterback . The game has only been out for less than a week, but players have already found that RG3 is super injury prone. Many of said gamers have taken to Twitter: of the Washington Post did a little digging as to what the deal is: Griffin’s injury rating — an indication of how often a player will get hurt —...

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Why Traditional Big Men Are Still Vital in Today's NBA

Traditional big men will always have a place in the . It's just that their place, and the things they must do to get there, is changing. But because ample time is spent lauding the league's deceptively coined "small-ball" movement, the survival of these player types is often glossed over, their eventual extinction sometimes assumed. And that's something to which Miami Heat center Hassan...

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Senior ISIS Member Killed by Drone Strike Inside Syria Senior ISIS Member Killed by Drone Strike Inside Syria

A senior ISIS cyber recruiter killed by US drone strike on Aug. 24.

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Steven Gerrard Takes in a Taylor Swift Concert with His Daughters in Los Angeles

is quickly taking to his new Hollywood lifestyle. The legend, who in the past has that he's a big fan of bands like Coldplay, Kings of and , showed his affinity for Taylor Swift on the most public of forums: Instagram. He posted a short video of Swift performing in Los Angeles while escorting his three daughters to the concert. He wrote that the show was "incredible," with cameos...

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Family Tries to Save Tree House Built in Memory of Late Father Family Tries to Save Tree House Built in Memory of Late Father

A family from Rossmoor, California, is fighting to save the three-story tree house they built in front of their home in memory of their dad, who recently passed away.

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Arsenal, USMNT Prospect Gedion Zelalem Drawing Comparisons to Andrea Pirlo, Xavi

Better start growing your beard, kid. Highly touted and United States men's national team prospect recently joined Scottish side Rangers on loan from Arsenal. The youngster has already compiled quite a coming up through the youth ranks. Now he'll see plenty of on-pitch time trying to help the Glasgow-based giants try to return to the Scottish top flight. During his introductory press...

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