Girl's Selfless Donation May Have Saved Twin Brother With Cancer Girl's Selfless Donation May Have Saved Twin Brother With Cancer

A 5-year-old girl became her family's hero this year after she helped her twin brother fight his aggressive form of leukemia-by selflessly donating her stem cells to him.

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Obama Clinches Vote to Secure Iran Nuclear Deal

Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland on Wednesday announced her support of the nuclear accord, ensuring enough votes to put the deal into effect.

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Dad Writes Tear-Jerking Letter to Newlywed Daughter With Down Syndrome Dad Writes Tear-Jerking Letter to Newlywed Daughter With Down Syndrome

One dad is warming hearts all over world after sharing a tear-jerking letter he wrote to his daughter, following her long-awaited wedding day.

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Dean Jones, Boyish Disney Star, Dies at 84 Dean Jones, Boyish Disney Star, Dies at 84

He appeared in "That Darn Cat!" and "The Love Bug."

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Fan Creates Epic Mashup of Riley Curry as Presidential Candidate

Riley Curry for president?One fan created an absolutely hilarious mashup featuring 's daughter, mixing Riley's press conference footage during the Golden State Warriors' run to the title with clips of the Republican debate. From her yawns to her waves, she definitely won the crowd over.Does Riley have your vote?[YouTube]Read more news on

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Peyton Manning Congratulated Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed After Their Retirements

Just in case you needed another reason to respect and admire Denver Broncos quarterback , NFL Network's Scott Hanson might have uncovered another one: A two-time Super Bowl champion, Polamalu announced his retirement in April after 12 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In three regular-season games, all while Manning was with the Indianapolis Colts, Polamalu recorded one interception on No....

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Gareth Bale Scores from a Wild Angle in Training with the Outside of His Boot

is riding high. He left for international duty after scoring a stunning brace for , while his Welsh squad are on the way to qualifying for their first major tournament since 1958. On the eve of their match with Cyprus, Bale casually scored a goal in training from a seemingly impossible angle—with the outside of his boot, no less! []Read more news on

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Open Source: Brutal Images of Syrian Boy Drowned Off Turkey Must Be Seen, Activists Say

As photographs of the young refugee appeared again and again in timelines on social media, a debate broke out about the ethics of sharing such graphic images.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Hits a Stunning Goal in Sweden Training

Is the net OK? Sweden and Paris Saint-Germain superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic is off on international duty, and he's showing in training that he doesn't take the break from club football lightly. Ibrahimovic casually smashed a shot and placed it perfectly in the way one has come to expect from Ibrahimovic. [Vine, ] Read more news on

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Houston Dynamo Academy Players Are Left in Awe After Training with Lionel Messi

When you get a chance to meet the legendary , you best not miss. A group of (MLS) academy players were given an incredible opportunity this week, as they got to train with Argentina as the Argentines used the Dynamo facility to prepare for their friendly with Bolivia on Saturday in Houston. The gravity of the situation wasn't lost on the Dynamo's prospects. As Messi walked off the pitch, he...

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