Opinion: Finding Beauty in the Darkness

Einstein’s “ripples” should matter to everyone — not just physicists.

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Cover Crops, a Farming Revolution With Deep Roots in the Past

The practice of seeding fields between harvests with noncash crops, which had fallen out of favor at modern farms, is making a steady comeback as farmers who have embraced it report higher yields.

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Album Dedicated to Memory of Sandy Hook Victim Nominated for 2 Grammys Album Dedicated to Memory of Sandy Hook Victim Nominated for 2 Grammys

Jazz saxophonist Jimmy Greene has been nominated twice for his album honoring his daughter who was killed in the Newtown school massacre.

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LIGO Hears Gravitational Waves Einstein Predicted LIGO Hears Gravitational Waves Einstein Predicted

About a hundred years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, but until now, they were undetectable.

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Out There: Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves, Proving Einstein Right

Scientists say they heard the faint chirp of two black holes colliding a billion light-years away, fulfilling Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

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Einstein Was Right: Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves Einstein Was Right: Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves have been detected a century after Albert Einstein first proposed their existence.

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Denver Broncos' Super Bowl Victory Parade Leads to 24,000 Absences from School

There's no denying that a child's education is important, but sometimes, there is an event that will lead to a lifetime memory and makes it worth missing a random Tuesday of school. Sports may be games, but a championship celebration doesn't happen every year in most cities. Just look at last year. Back in November, some Kansas City-area schools recognized that and gave students and faculty a ...

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Lamar Odom Makes Public Appearance at Kanye West Fashion Show

Rapper Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Week Show in Madison Square Garden made plenty of headlines in the music world Thursday as he unveiled tracks off his album T.L.O.P., but the sports world took notice when former star Lamar Odom made an appearance. According to of Us Weekly, Odom “made his first official appearance after his hospitalization last fall, joining his estranged wife,...

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Letter of Recommendation: Letter of Recommendation: Cracker Barrel

Can you love the South but loathe what it was built on? The restaurant chain and I, we try.

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NBA Releases Emojis for Each All-Star Using Twitter Hashtags

The NBA All-Stars have finally made it—they have their own emojis.On Thursday, the league released specific characters for each player that come up when their name is used as a Twitter hashtag:Some are faces (Carmelo Anthony, and ). Others relate to nicknames (, LeBron James and ). Most relate to the specific player’s team.And then there’s Kawhi Leonard’s—which is easily the...

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