Is Stephen Curry Really in the NBA MVP Conversation?

has been putting up standout numbers for years now. And he's been making us drool with a game that's easy on the eyes and arguably the sharpest skill set in the league. But now the stats and slick moves are actually starting to translate into consistent wins. The are currently second in the Western Conference with an 11-2 record and a defense that ranks No. 2 in the in efficiency. It's...

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Tyga & Kylie Jenner -- Mission Impossible ... to Believe They're Not Dating Tyga & Kylie Jenner -- Mission Impossible ... to Believe They're Not Dating

Tyga and Kylie Jenner had forbidden love written all over them --well, maybe a little overstated -- as they served up meals for the homeless on Thanksgiving Eve.The 25-year-old rapper insists he's not romantically involved with the 17-year-old…

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Kobe Bryant: 'I've Never Heard' Tony Allen Ask for Help on Defense

Take a bow, Tony Allen. It's not every day that one of the greatest scorers in league history bestows compliments upon your defensive stylings, but that's exactly what did in an interview with the . Despite engaging in several grueling battles since clashing in the 2008 NBA Finals, Bryant was quick to heap praise on Allen's defensive fortitude, per Medina: He’s fundamentally sound...

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Parents of Bears and Lions Players Create Custom Hybrid NFL Jerseys

The Thanksgiving Day game between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions is going to be a Fuller family affair. Luckily, the parents will be prepared. Chicago cornerback Kyle Fuller and Detroit receiver Corey Fuller are each playing in their first seasons in the . Thursday marks the first time that the two NFC North rivals will face each other this season. With two sons playing in the game, the...

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First Human Ebola Vaccine Trial Shows It Seems to Work First Human Ebola Vaccine Trial Shows It Seems to Work

The first test of an Ebola vaccine in people shows it's safe and appears to be working as designed, doctors reported Wednesday.

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The Immortal Appeal of Kobe Bryant

Just one month into his 19th campaign, 's season has already been more eventful than some men's careers. Redirecting some of the focus from his ' unsurprisingly rough start, the 36-year-old has already set the for missed field-goal attempts—all while he to become the league's third most prolific scorer in history. Some have even suggested the of a trade (not that there's anything to those...

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Stan's 5-Point Stance: Simeone for Arsenal, Man Utd for 3rd, Aguero Saving City

This week's five-point stance sees former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore tackle subjects related to Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd, West Brom and his former club Aston Villa. 1. Diego Simeone Can Save Arsenal I was at the Arsenal-Man Utd game on Sunday. The Gunners played well for 20 minutes before they were found out by a resurgent Manchester United. The "Arsene Wenger out" camp is...

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Brown's Parents 'Taken Aback' by Officer's 'Clean Conscience' Brown's Parents 'Taken Aback' by Officer's 'Clean Conscience'

Family's lawyer said Darren Wilson's comments were "hurtful."

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Hundreds of Thousands Without Power After East Coast Storm Hundreds of Thousands Without Power After East Coast Storm

More than 350,000 electric customers from Maine to Virginia were without power this morning, after a storm dumped a sloppy mix of rain and snow along the east coast.

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Minnesota's Andrew Wiggins Swats Shot by Milwaukee's Jabari Parker into Stands

The 2014 draft's top two picks, Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, squared off for the first time in the regular season Wednesday night. All eyes were on the two 19-year-olds to see who would impress more.Regardless of the outcome or their stat lines, Wiggins has a 1-0 advantage on the highlight reel thanks to an emphatic block into the stands of a driving shot attempt by Parker.[]Read more news...

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