Trump flips on North Korea, declaring country still an 'extraordinary threat'

President extended the ‘national emergency’ for one year in an executive order, re-authorizing economic restrictionsDonald Trump has declared that North Korea still poses an “extraordinary threat” to the United States, just days after saying that the country’s nuclear program . In an executive order on Friday, the president extended for one year the so-called “national emergency”...

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Jogger accidentally crosses US border from Canada and is held for two weeks

It started as a leisurely jog along a Canadian beach on a cool spring evening. But it turned into a two-week nightmare after Cedella Roman accidentally veered across the US border and was seized by US border patrol agents.The French citizen was visiting her mother and studying English, when the family headed to White Rock, about an hour’s drive from Vancouver in May.

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Trump sabotages GOP plans in Congress. Again. Trump sabotages GOP plans in Congress. Again.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just when House Republicans needed Donald Trump's backing the most — on their big immigration overhaul — he dashed off a presidential tweet on Friday saying they should quit wasting their time on it.

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World Cup 2018: Nigeria v Iceland – live!

5.14pm BST 55 min: Argentina’s players will have been cheered up by that Nigerian goal. A win for Iceland in this match would leave them in even more bother than they find themselves already. 5.12pm BST 53 min: Sigurdsson is patched up by Iceland’s medics and will resume playing in a clean shirt, with an arresting pink bandage wrapped Terry Butcher-style around his head.

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World Cup 2018: Brazil v Costa Rica – live updates!

2.29pm BST 72 min: Brazil break and Coutinho tries to release Jesus. Gamboa steps in but his intervention inadvertently sends Neymar away. He zips inside, opens up his body and curls the ball high and wide from 20 yards, with only Navas to beat. 2.26pm BST 70 min: Casemiro’s cross from the right is deflected behind for another corner. Neymar takes it and Casemiro heads straight at Navas.

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World Cup 2018: Serbia v Switzerland – live!

8.18pm BST 59 min: This is hot stuff now! The tempo has risen and there’s more oomph in the tackles. Switzerland smell blood and Serbia are eager to strike back. This could go either way. 8.16pm BST 57 min: Shaqiri shows tremendous persistence down the left ... and then shows wonderful imagination and technique, curling a shot from a difficult angle beyond the keeper from outside the box. It...

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Trump autographs photo of murder victim then compares him to Tom Selleck Trump autographs photo of murder victim then compares him to Tom Selleck

President jokes about killed man's appearance in front of grieving relatives, during rambling speech designed to stir up hatred of immigrants

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