Books: New and noteworthy Books: New and noteworthy

Look for new books by David Sedaris, Al Franken and Nora Roberts.        

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On my radar: Sarah Perry’s cultural highlights

The author on the painful recollections of Tim Winton, bonding with a town’s memory of Dylan Thomas and one of the best 30 minutes of TV she’s ever seenBorn in Chelmsford, Essex, Sarah Perry grew up in a strict Baptist family immersed in classic literature, Victorian hymns and the King James Bible. She has a PhD in creative writing from Royal Holloway, London, where she was supervised by...

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Nell Stevens: penguins, paranoia and an old potato on the island of Bleaker

The author of the memoir Bleaker House tells of writing the book in a lonely winter on the Falklands with a meagre diet and a lot of ShakespeareNell Stevens was not the woman I was expecting to meet after reading her memoir, Bleaker House. This is an entertaining, perverse and singular book about travelling to Bleaker, a rocky, snowy, windswept island in the Falklands (official population: two),...

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Little Labours by Rivka Galchen review – a stimulating curio

The acclaimed US writer marvels at a whole new way of being interrupted in these witty, smart essays about motherhoodBrooklyn-based author Rivka Galchen (American Innovations; ) was one of the New Yorker’s “20 under 40” writers to watch in 2010. On the front of her first nonfiction book, Little Labours, there’s a puma, representing Galchen’s baby daughter, whom she refers to as a...

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'Camino Island': Grisham's tasty thriller about a literary heist 'Camino Island': Grisham's tasty thriller about a literary heist

After crooks steal precious F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscipts from Princeton, the hunt is on.        

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10 hot books you won't want to miss this summer 10 hot books you won't want to miss this summer

Our beach reads include books by Sue Grafton, John McEnroe and Michael Connelly.        

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Thirty years on, Hay festival is still thinking, talking and laughing

It was conceived as an excuse to ‘have a few mates round’, but now the Hay literary festival is embracing a much wider vision and is a global eventEddie Izzard is in the Spar, wearing leather trousers, four-inch heels and a light smattering of pancake. , so nobody notices. He buys his stuff and totters off down Castle Street, pausing to talk to a dog waiting in the back of a car. Later in the...

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Jeremy Paxman at Hay festival: 'Media must stop sneering at Trump'

Broadcaster tells audience at literary festival that US president had done better than many people expectedJeremy Paxman has said the media must stop “sneering” at Donald Trump’s presidency, suggesting the Republican had done “rather better than many people had expected” in his first months in office.Speaking at the in Wales on Saturday, the broadcaster said he would like to interview...

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The Transferred Life of George Eliot by Philip Davis review – psychologically acute

Philip Davis’s nonstandard biography looks at the woman behind the literary maskIn his thoughtful and searching account of the writer we know as , Philip Davis undertakes a project of which his subject would have approved. Rather than attempt a straightforward biography of the complex and gifted woman who variously passed as Mary Anne Evans, Mary Ann Evans, Marianne Evans, Marian Evans and...

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Spoils by Brian van Reet review – engrossing Iraq war drama

A former soldier’s debut novel exploits the conflict’s rich reserves of pathos and dreadA visceral hostage drama set during the 2003 war on Iraq, this debut novel alternates between the perspective of 19-year-old Cassandra, a gay female recruit to the US army, and that of middle-aged Abu al-Hool, an Egyptian jihadi whose memories of fighting the Russians in Afghanistan and Chechnya make him...

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