Paul Mason: five books to understand the left

From the charge against neoliberalism to the manifesto that inspired activists to join labour – Paul Mason on the books that explain the left todayFrom the end of the miners’ strike to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the left in Britain stumbled from one nadir to the next. How they made a clean sweep of Labour’s NEC elections is a process even the participants do not yet fully understand....

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Building and Dwelling by Richard Sennett review – sharp insights

With more than half the global population living in cities, the author’s observations on urban planning and street life are timely and engagingThere is a thriving line of business, in publishing, architecture and academe, in talking about something called “the city”. It entails thick tomes, conferences in interesting locations, meetings with mayors and power-brokers, events posing as public...

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Copies of Mary Shelley's original Frankenstein text to be published

Shelley spent nine months by Lake Geneva writing the story of the bringing to life of a monster Percy Shelley’s correction of Mary Shelley’s misspelling of “igmmatic” in the notebooks in which she scrawled the story of Frankenstein – “enigmatic o you pretty Pecksie!” he wrote – will be seen in all its glory in a new facsimile of Shelley’s handwritten text to be published in...

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Nonfiction: An Irish Flâneur, Greeting the Past on His Present Wanderings Nonfiction: An Irish Flâneur, Greeting the Past on His Present Wanderings

John Banville’s “Time Pieces” takes the acclaimed novelist back to the Dublin of his youth, recalling people and places that still live in his memory.

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Essay: The Iceman Cometh Out Essay: The Iceman Cometh Out

One of Marvel’s X-Men, Iceman, has finally accepted that he is gay in a comic book series that is breaking new ground for the genre.

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Irvine Welsh on Edinburgh: ‘I officially had a criminal record at eight years old’

The Trainspotting author on breaking the law, revelling in his ‘bad boy’ status and how life on a housing estate shaped his worldviewWe are all formed by our early experiences, principally our family relationships and the community we grow up in. It’s like the old story of the two babies born on the same day. One gets a hug every time it cries: the other gets shouted at, or just ignored....

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The cult of the unreliable female narrator must be stopped | Stephanie Merritt

In fiction and life, women’s testimony is held up to scrutiny and dismissed on the grounds that our biology makes us irrationalOne of the recurrent responses to the flurry of allegations, in Hollywood and beyond, was for those accused to cast doubt on the credibility of the women involved, either by implying that they were seeking publicity, or that they were too unstable to be taken...

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Poem of the week: Fiametta by John Peale Bishop

There is real music to this understated tribute to a young woman’s beauty by a poet who has been unjustly neglectedFiamettaFiametta walks under the quincebudsIn a gown the color of flowers;Her small breasts shine through the silken stuffLike raindrops after showers.The green hem of her dress is silk, but dullerThan her eye’s green color.Her shadow restores the grass’s greenWhere the sun had...

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