Shockheaded Peter: sinister, subversive - and horrifically unforgettable

Author Nikki Sheehan is still traumatised by reading the cautionary tales of Shockheaded Peter at a young age. She thinks you should suffer the same fate With the benefit of hindsight I’m pretty sure that when my older sister woke me in the dark reading aloud from a tattered copy of Shockheaded Peter (Struwwelpeter), she must have been trying to turn me into a writer. As I still speak to her,...

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Literary Mixtape: David Means's soundtrack for reflecting on the Vietnam War

David Means shares the music that inspired his latest book – part Vietnam War novel, part reflection on the nature of memory. From the tunes soldiers listened to, to The National, here is his playlistBy David Means for , part of the Certain songs seem to be addressing the future while also casting an eye back into some deep, strange history; other songs – for me – seem to be about not only...

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If The Borrowers are 'unviable', what about other children's classics?

A shocking new report claims that Mary Norton’s miniature people would struggle to survive in real life, casting doubt on many other much-loved characters from childhood readingDiving intrepidly into the Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics, has unearthed a troubling new paper for all fans of . According to , it seems Arrietty, Pod and Homily would have rather a tough time of it.Being...

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Pinpoint by Greg Milner review – how is GPS changing our world?

Anyone with a smartphone anywhere on Earth knows exactly where they are. But does that leave us lost?In early 2008, for quixotic reasons that needn’t detain us here, I decided to walk from Dubai airport across the city and into the Empty Quarter of Arabia. Prior to departure, at home in London, I tried to figure out a way of reaching, on foot, the desert resort of Bab al Shams, which lay about...

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Children’s Books: ‘I Am Pan!’ by Mordicai Gerstein

A new book from the Caldecott Medalist Mordicai Gerstein stars the boisterous Pan, that most un-godlike of ancient Greek gods.

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Encounters: The Intellectual in Air Jordans

The writer Mychal Denzel Smith brings hip-hop style to a cultural role once played by James Baldwin.

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15 Million Degrees: A Journey to the Centre of the Sun by Lucie Green – review

Why does the sun shine? How does the star work? Why is it mostly plasma, not gas? Green gives us the latest mind-stretching facts, and tells the story of the heroes of solar scienceWe rarely look directly at it but we miss it when we can’t see it. If it wasn’t there at all, we’d be gone too. It delivers the food we eat, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear. We read by its light – on a...

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Decisions, decisions...and why you need to make them

Author Morgan Matson was a procrastination queen until she got a grip on her life. She explains why Big Decisions are necessary - and life changingI used to hate making decisions when I was a teenager. Not little stuff – I was great at making small choices that wouldn’t have a huge impact on my life. Pizza or a cheeseburger? Rom-com or horror film? Strapless dress or cap sleeved? Those were...

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Marriages are Made in Bond Street by Penrose Halson review – Tinder, 1940s-style

‘Terrible. Looks like hell’, ‘Rather like a ferret, though friends of the Coxes’, were two instant opinions of clients at a wartime marriage bureau – but there were weddings galoreBefore sex-before-marriage there was marriage, and to help it happen there was the personal column, the matrimonial papers, the season and less dignified means such as the fishing fleet, whereby young...

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The Vanishing Futurist by Charlotte Hobson review – a carnival ride through revolutionary Russia

An English governess is caught up in the political disorder, heady romance and absurdity of a society in fluxIn September 1991 Charlotte Hobson, a student of Russian at Edinburgh University, went to study in Voronezh for her year abroad. A decade later she published , an account of her months spent living in Russia’s provincial heartland during the year in which the Soviet Union was finally...

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