Fiction: In a Quiet Ohio Town, Who Started the Fire, and Why? Fiction: In a Quiet Ohio Town, Who Started the Fire, and Why?

Celeste Ng’s “Little Fires Everywhere” witnesses the mysteries of arson, kinship and community in late-’90s suburban America.

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South and West: From a Notebook by Joan Didion review – back to the future of the US

These prescient essays from 1970 record the California writer’s reflections as she travelled through America’s ‘gothic’ deep southIn 1970 Joan Didion – a good novelist but one of America’s – sentenced herself to a hardship posting. She volunteered to spend a month aimlessly on the road in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, thinking that her trip “might be a piece”. She never...

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Poem of the week: The Silent Heavens by Richard Watson Dixon

A unfairly neglected poet’s lament, this is an autumnal poem on a grand scale, responding to the effects of time and evolving knowledgeThe Silent HeavensHere I wander about, and here I mournfully ponder:Weary to me is the sun, weary the coming of night:Here is captivity still, there would be captivity yonder:Like to myself are the rest, smitten is all with a blight.

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Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout review – a moving return to the midwest

Going back to the small Illinois town of her previous book, the stories in this novel can feel a little overfamiliar, but they are beautifully told “Kathy, if I ever return to a small town, I want you to kill me.” She wrote about this conversation here in the Guardian; alas, she didn’t give us Kathy’s response. I for one am very keen to know if Kathy still feels any obligation to her...

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Welcome back, Mark Twain! A princely new tale awaits readers Welcome back, Mark Twain! A princely new tale awaits readers

Philip and Erin Stead have completed the Twain story, 'The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine.' A 3.5-star book review.        

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Banned Books Week: 'In 2017, censorship comes from an outraged public'

As right-to-read celebration begins, campaigners says authors must resist pressure from ‘online mob’ to avoid controversial topics like sex and raceIn the 17th century, ’s cheeks were branded with the letters SL, standing for “seditious libeler” after he published pamphlets critical of Anglican clergymen. Such punishments are long gone in the UK and US, but as this year’s gets under...

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Is Tintin a girl? Philosopher says his theory was 'fake news'

After media fuss, Vincent Cespede says playful suggestion that Hergé’s boy detective was a young girl was merely ‘rethinking from another point of view’ A French philosopher, who made headlines worldwide last week after writing that he believed the boy detective Tintin was actually a girl, has said that it was a thought experiment and that the media ran it despite being told it was fake...

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Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?

Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of themWelcome to this week’s blog, and our roundup of .A good book can hit you hard – says that Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge has left him “stricken”:

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