The Book of Hygge review – can the Danes really teach us how to live?

This book, by Louisa Thomsen Brits, is one of many titles on ‘hygge’ and the Danish way of living. But hygge has a dark side – what if the price of ‘cosiness’ isn’t worth paying?“Hygge” sounds from the outside like a meme to allow hipsters to grow old: a Danish mode of being, it has no single, literal translation, which is only to be expected, as it is the source of the Danes’...

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The House of the Dead by Daniel Beer review – was Siberia hell on earth?

An excellent study of Siberian exile under the tsars tells of punishments, executions and visitors feeding prisoners like zoo animals. But was it really so bad?In the 1890s, when Russia exiled about 10,000 men and women a year to Siberia, and the Siberian authorities killed, or drove to suicide, dozens of recalcitrant political prisoners, there were demonstrations in London and in the US, as well...

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Roald Dahl gets 'mair serious' Scots translation

Translator says Chairlie and the Chocolate Works, published to mark the writer’s centenary, avoids some of ‘the honkin and hackit and mingin stuff’After much deliberation from translator Matthew Fitt, the Oompa-Loompas have become the Heedrum-Hodrums in the latest in a series of Scots translations of Roald Dahl’s books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Related:

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George RR Martin and Apple announce interactive Game of Thrones books collaboration

A Game of Thrones: Enhanced Edition, available through Apple from Thursday, promises ‘a world of additional content’ including sigils, family trees and glossariesGeorge RR Martin has hailed “an amazing next step in the world of books” as he announced publication of a new digital edition of A Game of Thrones, featuring “a world of additional content” and an extract from the forthcoming...

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EL James and Patrick Ness join JK Rowling on Hollywood's 'most powerful' authors list

A new ranking of the entertainment industry’s most influential authors adds some surprising names to its list of leading playersAlongside familiar entertainment royalty – JK Rowling, Stephen King and George RR Martin – calculates that EL James, Paula Hawkins and Patrick Ness have become three of the most powerful writers in Hollywood.The magazine’s 25-strong list of authors is topped by...

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Oliver Jeffers: 'I was always an artist' – but not a child of books

The title of the children’s illustrator’s latest volume, A Child of Books, does not apply to the artist himself, who says his career was ‘very much an accident’Oliver Jeffers’s latest book is called . The illustrator and writer’s collaboration with fellow artist and typographer Sam Winston follows a young girl who makes a world for herself – and a young boy she meets – out of...

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Nicotine by Nell Zink review – third novel in 18 months from a fresh talent

There is a recklessness and a freshness to this complex tale that is at its best when its elements of horror and humour collideFor readers in the UK, this is Nell Zink’s third novel in just 18 months. Her first book, , reportedly took her three weeks to write. Her second, , which was longlisted for a National Book award, also took three weeks. These are the kinds of details that can wake rival...

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The Secret Life of the Georgian Garden by Kate Felus review – sex and the ha-ha

A Merlin’s Cave, a Temple of Venus, cold plunge pools and summerhouses … with poetry and archery for good measure. This is a book about the history of aristocratic pleasureNo wonder scholars love 18th-century British gardens. Their affluent owners did not just pay men such as and to landscape them, they filled the space with every kind of fantastic “eye-catcher” (as garden buildings...

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'It's the next step in books': George RR Martin explains Game of Thrones collaboration with Apple – video

Tech giant Apple and Game of Thrones author George RR Martin have made the surprise announcement of interactive, ‘enhanced digital editions’ of Martin’s hugely popular Game of Thrones books, with the first published on Thursday. Here, Martin – – explains why a interactive experience suits his vastly complex political fantasy epic

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Val McDermid on PD James: ‘She faced the darkness head on’

McDermid explains how PD James subverted the cosiness of golden-age crime fiction Related: Like so many crime writers, PD James was drawn to her vocation out of love. Before she took up her pen, she was a keen reader of detective novels, and over her long career she remained fascinated by the so-called golden age that followed the end of the first world war. But she was more than a fan. She...

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