From The Magic Pudding to Kokey Koala: Australia's historic cartoons – in pictures

First edition copies of May Gibbs’s Boronia Babies and Bib and Bub, Norman Lindsay’s The Magic Pudding and Boofhead by RB Clarke appear in an exhibition of Australian cartoons and illustrations, drawn from the University of Sydney’s rare books and special collections. A co-curator, Assoc Prof Peter Kirkpatrick, said together the images created a complex portrait of our national identity:...

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The 100 best nonfiction books: No 2 – The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion (2005)

This steely and devastating examination of the author’s grief following the sudden death of her husband changed the nature of writing about bereavementNo the possibility of humanity’s imminent doom from the broadest global perspective. With No 99, the focus shifts into a narrower frame that’s cooler, more intimate and deeply personal. In December 2003, as an acute, lifelong reporter of her...

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Tagore Translation Deemed Racy Is Pulled From Stores in China

As the nation celebrates the 155th anniversary of the poet’s birth with a translation of his works, another tome, by Feng Teng, has caused a furor.

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Poem of the week: Grey by Edwin Morgan

A meditation on the plain and ordinary aspects of life finds virtue in the unspectacular – but also provides some formal dazzleGreyWhat is the nub of such a plain grey day?Does it have one? Does it have to have one?If small is beautiful, is grey, is plain?Or rather do we sense withdrawal, veiling,a patch, a membrane, an eyelid hating light?Does weather have some old remit to mockthe love of...

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How I discovered London’s lost Chinatown

As the year of the monkey begins, Katherine Woodfine shares some fascinating gems about what she learned about the reality of London’s original Chinatown as she researched her latest novel – and went beyond the negative stereotypes of Fu Manchu Leaving the Docklands Light Railway at Westferry station in East London, it was impossible to tell that I was standing in what had once been...

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Kniha týždňa: Ďaleko od hlučného davu Kniha týždňa: Ďaleko od hlučného davu

Táto kniha je vizuálne – zvonku i zvnútra – estetickým artefaktom (Palo Bálik, Lucia Gardin). Má 16 dômyselne pomenovaných častí a pod ich nadpismi sú výroky – sentencie diela Alty Vášovej Úlety.

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J. K. Rowlingovú ocenia za podporu slobody prejavu J. K. Rowlingovú ocenia za podporu slobody prejavu

Britská spisovateľka J. K. Rowling dostane Literary Service Award medzinárodného PEN klubu za podporu slobody prejavu a jej charitatívnu prácu.

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S knihou Ako sa stať Parížankou objavte tajomstvo elegancie S knihou Ako sa stať Parížankou objavte tajomstvo elegancie

Čím to je, že sú Parížanky také štýlové a šik? Odkiaľ berú ten svoj povestný neodolateľný šarm, nedbanlivú eleganciu a ľahkosť bytia, ktorými dráždia fantáziu mužov?

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Critic’s Take: Song of Inexperience

For E. M. Forster, sex became symbolic of all in human existence that one could feel but not express.

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Pure Juliet by Stella Gibbons – digested read

‘Juliet was very odd, but she liked a coincidence. By chance, just then a substandard novel about her turned up in a cupboard’“I never did like her and she looked very odd,” said a teacher at Gasworks Comprehensive. “But she was very good at maths.” The girl in question, Juliet Slater, stopped at a newsagent as she walked home from school for the last time. “I want some fags,” she...

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