Fiction: Sonic Youth: Cultural Appropriations of Two Musical Hipsters

The young music producers in Hari Kunzru’s “White Tears” invent a lost blues legend who may turn out to have been real all along.

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Joanna Cannon vows to keep working in NHS after £300,000 book deal

Novelist who began writing to relieve the stress of her psychiatry job says literary success will not stop her listening to ‘real voices’ in hospitalA bestselling debut novelist who wrote her book in a hospital car park as stress release from her job as a psychiatrist is to return to the NHS. Her decision comes despite a £300,000 deal for her second book and a contract for two more...

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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman review – nice dramatic narratives, but where’s the nihilism?

With its chatty gods and gentle giants, Gaiman’s good-natured version of the mythos lacks brutal tragedy at its heartAny retelling of a tale from times long past must be an interpretation, a translation into language and concepts that the present audience understands. The original myth may have been told as uninterpreted fact, but later re-tellers are and must be conscious of who their audience...

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Like Death by Guy de Maupassant review – a sexy, intoxicating read

Newly translated, this heady novel reveals the decadant, suffocating lives of le beau monde in belle époque FranceOlivier Bertin is a celebrated painter, and for 12 years has been the lover of Anne, the Comtesse de Guilleroy. The last time Olivier had seen Anne’s daughter, Annette, she was six and being sent off with colouring books while her mother sat for her portrait and began her affair...

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Bol únos jej dcéry len veľký PODVOD? Bol únos jej dcéry len veľký PODVOD?

 "WOW! Táto kniha nám vyrazila dych. Úplne nás namotala a nedokázali sme ju odložiť,“ napísali v My <a href="">Čítať ďalej</a>

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Bob Dylan si tento víkend prevezme Nobelovu cenu za literatúru Bob Dylan si tento víkend prevezme Nobelovu cenu za literatúru

Americký hudobník a spevák si v Štokholme prevezme Nobelovu cenu za literatúru, ktorú mu udelili vlani v októbri za "vytvorenie nových básnických vyjadrení v rámci americkej tradície skladania piesní".

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Top 10 books about fathers

From Shakespeare to Seamus Heaney, the author selects his favourites from a tradition where the most interesting characters are very often absentUntil recently, I did not seek out books about fathers. Perhaps because, until two-and-a-half years ago, I had a father of my own who seemed as good a parent as anyone could hope for. But when , I began, in a state of loss and grief, to write about him....

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Russia blamed for hacking Amazon listing of anti-Trump book

Historian Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny, which offers lessons on resisting repressive rule, has sales blurb rewritten to repeat slogan seen on pro-Putin posters Publishers believe that Russian hackers are behind an attack on the Amazon page for a self-styled manual for resisting US president Donald Trump and other populist leaders, with the author, historian Timothy Snyder, claiming the hack as...

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David Jones by Thomas Dilworth review – the lost great modernist

TS Eliot thought Jones stood alongside himself, Joyce and Pound. But the poet and painter has remained obscure. Why?It is rare to read a major biography of a minor figure, but then David Jones, an artist who produced outstanding and original work in several media, primarily poetry and painting, is minor by mistake. To prove it, Thomas Dilworth, who has written two other books on Jones’s life...

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Translation Tuesday: Two poems by Yoo An-Jin

Acclaimed South Korean poet Yoo An-Jin reflects on loneliness and agingBy Yoo An-Jin, Brother Anthony of Taizé and Yu Chang-Gong for by , part of the It’s not often that poets become household names, but acclaimed Korean poet Yoo An-Jin had help from her contribution to the immensely popular essay collection, Dreaming of a Beautiful Friendship, as well as from her first novel, Anemones do not...

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