US Says North Korea Responsible for Sony Hack US Says North Korea Responsible for Sony Hack

The federal government has determined that North Korea is responsible for the hacking of computers at Sony Pictures Entertainment, ABC News has learned.

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The Curious Case of Rolando McClain

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — He was perfectly content, back when his life was so quiet last autumn. Most mornings, Rolando McClain, then a retired player at the age of 24, would rise from the bed in his mansion on Lake Tuscaloosa and drive 20 minutes to work out and attend classes at the University of Alabama, where the two-time dean's list student was finishing his degree in family financial...

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Balotelli gets one-match ban & fine Balotelli gets one-match ban & fine

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli gets a one-match ban and £25,000 fine from the FA as punishment for his Super Mario post.

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Pat Robertson Says Gays 'Will Die Out' Pat Robertson Says Gays 'Will Die Out'

Televangelist predicts that gays will die out because they don't reproduce. Robertson was responding to a viewer who belongs to a church in which congregants aren't allowed to date. "It is treated as a sin to show interest in or have a mutual understanding in church with the opposite sex," wrote Crystal. "Most of the people in church are frustrated because we're getting older...

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George Stinney Jr: Black 14-year-old boy exonerated 70 years after he was executed George Stinney Jr: Black 14-year-old boy exonerated 70 years after he was executed

George Stinney Jr became the youngest person to be executed in the US in the 20th century when he was sent to the electric chair in 1944, but more than 70 years after his death his conviction has been overturned.

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Converse Shoes Worn by Michael Jordan at UNC Fetch $33,000 at Auction

During his playing days at the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan wore Converse shoes during games. Of course, that was before Jordan was able to team up with Nike—before the dominant Jordan Brand was ever created.Now, a pair of his game-worn Converse sneakers have fetched quite a bit of money at auction.According to , Grey Flannel Auctions put the shoes up for bid recently. The...

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How One Theater Is Thumbing Its Nose at North Korea How One Theater Is Thumbing Its Nose at North Korea

What do you do when threats force Sony and all the major movie chains across the country to pull the movie "The Interview"? One theater in Texas knows just what to do.

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The Unbreakable Laura Hillenbrand

Racked for years by a mysterious illness, the author of “Seabiscuit” and “Unbroken” has defied the odds to write indelible works of history.

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Manchester City's Stevan Jovetic Plays Keepy-Uppies with an American Football

Tekkers! striker posted a video of himself on Instagram playing keepy-uppies with an American football. He presented the video without comment as if executing such skill with the oddly shaped object was something anybody could do. What a show-off! [, h/t ]Read more news on

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Billy Joel Classic Rewritten to Review the Entire Year in World Football

From 's bite to Yaya Toure's birthday cake, via 's slip and the Wealdstone Raider. It has been a remarkable year in the world of football, and the guys over at Project Babb have managed to sum it all up in four minutes and 11 seconds of pure hilarity. They have rewritten the lyrics to Billy Joel's 1989 smash hit "We Didn't Start the Fire," and the resulting "Football Is In The...

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