J.J. Watt Says a Kendrick Lamar Text Informed Him of Brother T.J.'s Big Debut

told reporters Saturday he found out about his brother's stellar preseason debut from an unlikely source. Speaking at training camp, Watt said he checked his phone Friday night and saw a text message from rapper Kendrick Lamar informing him of T.J. Watt's two-sack effort against the . "I came out of a meeting and I actually had a text on my phone, and the first text I saw, it was the most crazy thing in the world because I read the text, and it said, 'See your little bro out there balling. Hope all is well,' you know," Watt said, per Fox 26's Mark Berman (h/t For the Win's Alysha Tsuji). "I looked and I was like that was from Kendrick Lamar. I was like wait a second, what did my little brother do? So I go on Google and check it out, two sacks in four plays, so I texted him so he could see what Kendrick said after the game." According to , Watt was credited with six pressures and finished with the highest overall grade (86.1) among all players Friday night. "I think just getting …

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