The best current articles on the topic Magazine on the Internet Magazine 144 144 Logo 'Django Unchained' Actress -- We Got the Pictures ... And It Looks Like Sex The "Django Unchained" actress who cried racism against the LAPD ... claiming they harassed and hurt her because she was just making out with her white boyfriend in a car -- has some explaining to do, because we obtained pictures that seem to show A LOT… Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:30:00 GMT Joan Rivers' doctor took a selfie while she was under ­anesthesia, report claims ’ personal doctor snapped a selfie while the comedian was under ­anesthesia and the physician was about to perform an , a report said Tuesday. Wed, 17 Sep 2014 14:01:02 GMT Joan Rivers -- Personal Doctor Took Selfie While She Was Under Joan Rivers' personal doctor took a selfie while the comedienne was unconscious during a biopsy ... shortly before her heart stopped beating ... this according to a new report.The doctor performing the endoscopy had just finished when Joan's personal ear… Wed, 17 Sep 2014 15:22:00 GMT Beyonce -- Accused of Photoshopping Bikini Photo Beyonce's thighs are so amazing, they can bend the laws of physics -- or she just got busted Photoshopping her own photos. Beyonce posted this bikini photo to her website Tuesday, but you can clearly see one of the stairs behind her isn't level for some… Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:10:00 GMT Meredith Vieira Shares Her Experience With Domestic Violence The talk show host detailed an abusive relationship she had as a young woman. Wed, 17 Sep 2014 17:52:19 GMT 'Django' Actress & BF -- PG Photos Prove We Were Frisky ... But Fully Clothed "Django Unchained" actress Daniele Watts' BF is sticking to their story -- that they were fully clothed and NOT HAVING SEX -- and he thinks TMZ's pics of the scene prove they were only making out.Brian Lucas tells us he and Watts found the photos of… Wed, 17 Sep 2014 22:50:00 GMT Kendra Wilkinson Decides To Give Hank Baskett A Second Chance! The Two Are Back On! It sounds like Kendra Wilkinson has forgiven or decided to look past those rumors of her husband cheating on her with a transexual because the two are giving their relationship another try! Initially, when Kendra found out Hank Baskett stepped out on her with a transexual lady during her second pregnancy, she immediately freaked out — which is [...] Wed, 17 Sep 2014 18:50:17 GMT The '7th Heaven' Cast Reunites For The First Time In 8 Years Eight long years have passed since the "7th Heaven" cast got together. Finally, the Camdens reunited this week over dinner because that's what amazing TV families do. On Wednesday, Stephen Collins (Rev. Eric Camden), shared a photo of himself with David Gallagher, Beverley Mitchell, Jessica Biel, Barry Watson and Catherine Hicks. There was one family member missing from the reunion --... Wed, 17 Sep 2014 22:34:17 GMT 'Mindy Project' Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: 'We're A Couple Now, Haters,' Or Whoa Nelly, Danny After what felt like four long months away, Mindy Kaling's "" returned to the air Tuesday night with an episode packed with the sort of stunts the show's devotees love, as well as the haphazard sub-plots and cameo appearances its detractors loathe. But all in all, fans fearing that Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano's relationship, consummated with , would head straight to the rocks in... Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:33:23 GMT Here's The First Poster For 'St. Vincent' Bill Murray hasn't had a true lead role in a movie since 2005's "Broken Flowers," but that will change next month with the release of "St. Vincent." The Weinstein Company film stars Murray as the title character, a misanthrope with a secret heart of gold who helps his young neighbor come of age. "St. Vincent" premiered at this year's Toronto International Film... Wed, 17 Sep 2014 22:03:46 GMT