Trump law firm says 'Bloom County' cease-and-desist letter is fake Trump law firm says 'Bloom County' cease-and-desist letter is fake

Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed said that he'd been told to stop using Trump in merch promos.        

yesterday, 3:06
Denis Johnson, Who Wrote of the Failed and the Desperate, Dies at 67

Mr. Johnson, the author of “Jesus’ Son,” peopled his novels, stories and poems with drifters, addicts, inmates and spies.

yesterday, 2:54
Sydney writers' festival: 'catastrophic' Trump looms large for Roxane Gay

Author says she’s ‘worried about the level of misogyny and the level of xenophobia and racism in America’Roxane Gay is worried.Speaking to a packed Sydney Recital Hall on Friday night, the author of Difficult Woman, Bad Feminist and now Hunger, said she was deeply concerned about the election of Donald Trump, and what it meant for the United States.

today, 1:54
Elif Batuman interview: ‘I thought racism and sexism were over. I was in for a rude awakening’

The journalist-author on fictional truth, fake news and setting a coming-of-age novel in the ‘end of history’ mid-1990sIn 1995 started her first year at Harvard; she was in love with fiction and determined to become a writer. The child of immigrants from Turkey, she had a first name that was unfamiliar in New Jersey, where she grew up, and which had to be constantly spelled out and...

May 26, 2017, 15:00
‘Fiction takes its time’: Arundhati Roy on why it took 20 years to write her second novel

The author of The God Of Small Things talks about political activism – and why she fled India to finish her new book • When completed her new novel, her first in 20 years, she told her literary agent, “I don’t want all this bidding and vulgarity, you know.” She wanted interested publishers to write her a letter instead, describing “how they understood” her book. She then convened a...

yesterday, 9:00
From the Heart by Susan Hill review – the dark side of love in the 1950s

Susan Hill captures the agonies of what is left unsaid in relationshipsOlive Piper is born in 1940 to a mother who had hoped for three sons and “wanted compensation for producing just one child, a girl, by her being, at the very least, a beauty”. But Olive is not a beauty and her mother “could find nothing about her daughter in which to take pride”.From the Heart follows bright, able...

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Newsbook: 3 Books on Cyber War

On the heels of a global cyberattack, these books explain the real threat of cyber war and the implications for the United States.

May 24, 2017, 20:10
#BookmarkThis: Chat with Alan Alda about his new book #BookmarkThis: Chat with Alan Alda about his new book

On June 6, join a Facebook Live chat with Alan Alda, whose new book is about communicating.        

May 24, 2017, 20:29
Folio prize goes to Hisham Matar's memoir The Return

Acclaimed account of the author’s journey home to Libya in search of his missing father’s story is the first nonfiction book to win the £20,000 prizeA month after , Hisham Matar’s memoir The Return has won the Rathbones Folio prize.The Return tells the story of Matar’s journey to his native Libya in search of his missing father, Jaballa, following the fall of Muammar Gadafi’s regime. A...

May 24, 2017, 20:45