Stonehenge's most intricate archaeological finds were probably made by children

Some of the most high-status pieces of prehistoric "bling", prized by Stonehenge’s Bronze Age social elite, are likely to have been made by children, according to new research.

17. 9. 2014 19:57
How do you operate on a fish? Animal hospital removes tumour from 'much-loved' goldfish George

An animal hospital has revealed how it saved the life of a “much-loved” goldfish with “high-risk” surgery to remove a large tumour.

16. 9. 2014 11:08
Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel

Research that investigated why bananas are slippery when you step on them wins one of this year's Ig Nobel prizes.

včera, 4:48
Ebola global security threat - Obama

US President Barack Obama calls the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a threat to security worldwide while announcing a larger US role, including 3,000 troops, to help fight the virus.

17. 9. 2014 0:14
Europeans drawn from three 'tribes'

Most present-day Europeans are a mixture of three ancient populations, according to a major study published in the journal Nature.

17. 9. 2014 20:46
UN calls for $1bn to fight Ebola

The UN says it needs $1bn to fight the West Africa Ebola outbreak, described as "unparalleled in modern times".

16. 9. 2014 15:23
Ebola vaccine trial begins

A trial of an experimental vaccine against the Ebola virus is to begin in Oxford.

17. 9. 2014 9:04
The freedivers who swim with whales

The freedivers risking their lives to swim with whales

17. 9. 2014 2:16
Nasa backs Boeing's astronaut design

Boeing is the big winner in a competition to find new American systems to take astronauts into orbit - a capability lost when the shuttles retired in 2011.

16. 9. 2014 23:42
VIDEO: Leonardo DiCaprio's UN climate role

The Hollywood actor, Leonardo diCaprio, has been appointed as a United Nations representative on climate change.

17. 9. 2014 1:08